Are you 18 years of age or older? 

No? Sorry kiddo. No candies for you here!

Are you a citizen of India? 

No? You won’t be able to complete the registration process to begin buying and selling crypto.

Answered ‘YES’ to both the questions above? 

Great! Creating an account is as easy as A. B. C. 

A. Sign-up

B. Verify Your Email

C. Set a PIN and Verify your phone number

A. Sign-up

  1. Tap on the button “Signup” to get started.

  2. You’ll be asked for some information. It’s important that you enter accurate, up-to-date information to avoid any issues in the process.

  3. Enter your email address (to keep your account safe, use one that ONLY you have access to).

  4. Create a username (make it as serious or zany as you wish, promise we won’t judge.) 

  5. Set a password (write this down or store in a secure place, and make sure the dog doesn’t eat it). 

  6. Read the ‘Terms and Conditions’. Yes, it’s a little long, but you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities. You will be accepting these T & Cs once you tap ‘Signup

  7. Tap on “Signup”. 

B. Verify Your Email

  • Go to your email inbox (the one that you provided us). You will have received an email from us. Click on the button that says ‘Verify Your Account’.  

C. Set a PIN and Verify your phone number

  • Open the app, once again. This time tap on ‘Login’.

  • Login with the credentials you set in Step A.

  • Set a PIN to access your account. You will be asked for this PIN each time you open the app. To keep your money safe, you will also be asked for this PIN to perform a number of actions on the app later on. So do keep it safe. 

  • You will now need to verify your phone number. Check that the ‘country code’ that was auto-selected is correct. Input your phone number and tap “Next”.

  • You will receive a 4 digit OTP for mobile number verification. Once you enter the OTP your mobile number will get verified. 

That’s it! Your account was created with us. Wasn’t that easy?  

As usual, don’t forget to be safe:
DO NOT share your password or PIN with anyone. EVER!
The password and PIN you set, is known only to you and neither Zebpay nor its affiliates will ever ask you for it

Now that you have your account created, you will need to Complete your KYC