You were asked to set your PIN when you created your account. This is an m-PIN. What this means is that the PIN is only temporarily stored on your phone and is only valid for the current login session. As soon as you log out of the app, the PIN expires. 

So if you ever need to reset/ change your PIN, all you have to do is log out of your account, and then sign in again. You will be asked to set a new PIN.

So why keep a temporary PIN at all?

To make things easier for you, we have set a time of 24 hours for each login session. As long as you are signed into the app, anyone who has access to your phone would also be able to access your account. 

To prevent possible misuse of your account in such a scenario, the m-PIN is an added level of security.  

Within the 24 hour window during which your account will remain logged in, you will be asked to input your PIN each time you open up the app. 

Please do not share your PIN with anyone. Zebpay or it's associates will NEVER ask you for your PIN, password or OTP.